Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I thought that my whole life...

"I think there are cells in your lip that will grow back, I thought that my whole life..." says my five year old son tonight. 

You know what I thought my whole life?  I thought that if I could dream it, I could do it. I thought that if I reached for the stars and missed, I would land amongst the clouds...

And now, with this 1st day of August upon me, I realize that what I thought all along is true.  If I work hard and be kind, people will appreciate it, and they do. If I do good, good will come to me... and it has.  Time and time again.

The love of my family, my friends, my children surrounds me and fills me with joy each and every day of my life.  Sounds cliche, but then why shouldn't it? Cliches are not hard to come by...good people are.

Summer seems to last such a short time in New Hampshire.  Lazy days filled with sun and fresh air, laughter, love and not a care in the world.  Be grateful, love with all your heart and believe that what you thought all along, just might be true.