Saturday, January 28, 2012

Feeling Trapped

No, not me. I am not feeling trapped, well not today anyway.

After picking up my daughter from a sleepover, I decided to take the long way home. Up and around the mountain, hoping for a couple of shots of the fog sitting on top of the trees. I got that, check it out.

What I did not know was there were two rather curious and quite friendly horses across the street who were interested in finding out why I was there.

Check it out, Horses in Winter.

Foggy, cold and wet was just the weather needed for building a fast relationship between us. Walking over to us, the white horse was careful to watch his steps, ready to find out why I was there...the brown horse was less trusting...almost knowing why he didn't want to get too close.

White's cataract covered blue eyes spoke a lifetime of stories to me. His white coat, covered in blue with buckles down the front was trapping the warmth of his body in, like his stories. I kept the blanket in the last photograph (probably my favorite of him). It seems to tell his story, maybe a little too familiar for me...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

It has to start somewhere...

...this morning it was a commitment to do something I LOVE everyday. Today's LOVE is a photograph with the sun in it. I have a few, you can see them all in my 2012 Winter album.

I am reading Maryanne Radmacher's "Live with Intention". What a great resource for reminding ourselves to stop the noise in our heads and going on all around us and attempt to remember what makes us glow. I love the idea of the glow brought on by taking photos in the sunlight.

I climbed over a snow bank in boots and yoga pants for a shot of the was cold! I chased the light this morning...the cold chased me back to my house for my snowshoes and gloves. Headed back out for the shot of the tree with the red, white and blue. Love it!

Today was a reminder to make time for friends (call Abbie), do something I love (light)and try something new (shot on A with f/25)!

It's almost like starting a's gotta start somewhere!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Crossing Over

In meiosis, crossing over is when the exchange of genetic material takes place. A little from each parent chromosome is given to the new offspring...creating an entire new set of genes...supporting the idea that life goes on.

Taking a chance on road conditions, I headed for North Conway and I crossed over the Kancamangus highway today. The road was slippery, but manageable. The trees white and their branches heavy from recent snowfall. I parked at one of my favorite overlooks that happened to be plowed enough to pull too loud for company, camera in hand, I had a minute alone with my past life...the single, adventurous, not a care in the world life...and all of a sudden I was overcome with a combination of excitement, pride, joy.

I could feel my past life...(the one I created before I was married) looking at my life now...and I could actually feel as if that life, that single life was proud of the life that is in front of me. I have made mistakes, I will make more. I have loved, I have lost, I will love again...I have no regrets.

It is funny how this crossing over the Kanc parallels where I am today. At times the road to my destination is steep, seemingly unmanageable...but still, in all of it, I manage to find the power to realign to the center.