Friday, January 20, 2012

It has to start somewhere...

...this morning it was a commitment to do something I LOVE everyday. Today's LOVE is a photograph with the sun in it. I have a few, you can see them all in my 2012 Winter album.

I am reading Maryanne Radmacher's "Live with Intention". What a great resource for reminding ourselves to stop the noise in our heads and going on all around us and attempt to remember what makes us glow. I love the idea of the glow brought on by taking photos in the sunlight.

I climbed over a snow bank in boots and yoga pants for a shot of the was cold! I chased the light this morning...the cold chased me back to my house for my snowshoes and gloves. Headed back out for the shot of the tree with the red, white and blue. Love it!

Today was a reminder to make time for friends (call Abbie), do something I love (light)and try something new (shot on A with f/25)!

It's almost like starting a's gotta start somewhere!