Saturday, January 28, 2012

Feeling Trapped

No, not me. I am not feeling trapped, well not today anyway.

After picking up my daughter from a sleepover, I decided to take the long way home. Up and around the mountain, hoping for a couple of shots of the fog sitting on top of the trees. I got that, check it out.

What I did not know was there were two rather curious and quite friendly horses across the street who were interested in finding out why I was there.

Check it out, Horses in Winter.

Foggy, cold and wet was just the weather needed for building a fast relationship between us. Walking over to us, the white horse was careful to watch his steps, ready to find out why I was there...the brown horse was less trusting...almost knowing why he didn't want to get too close.

White's cataract covered blue eyes spoke a lifetime of stories to me. His white coat, covered in blue with buckles down the front was trapping the warmth of his body in, like his stories. I kept the blanket in the last photograph (probably my favorite of him). It seems to tell his story, maybe a little too familiar for me...