Friday, May 27, 2011

Taking time to reflect

Seems there is not enough hours in my day to reflect on what I have done. Instead, I think I find myself worrying about all the stuff left undone! I took a little time to night to play with some shots from the past 5 or so helps me remember that we are accomplishing a pretty well rounded life with a little bit of fun mixed in!

With the exception of the pottery shots, all were taken with my Nikon D90. Of course a few are cropped and tweaked a little bit, thanks to Picasa 3. I have not gotten around to purchase Lightroom, I am still using my free trials of all the Adobe picture software until I make a decision. So far, I like Lightroom 3 the best...easy to use and lots of online "how to" videos.

Enjoy the photos. Remember take time to reflect...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Teachers Looking for Jobs

It is in the news in nearly every state in America: Teachers not being given contracts for the new school year. Scary times when our districts have to cut positions and not ask our much needed teachers back fulltime for the following school year. I was lucky enough to be asked back each year in my former brick and mortar school district. I was also lucky enough to request a child rearing leave for the school year. When my year was up, I decided not to return full time. The high school never filled my position.

It just so happens that I was lucky, fortunate, and smart enough to think ahead. I created a vision board of sorts and believed that I would one day be a work from home mom where I actually earned a real income and no longer needed full time day care. I have managed to do just that with my current teaching gig. I am 100% a telecommuter, virtual, online high school Science teacher. Lucky me!

If you are interested in the virtual field of education, I highly recommend starting with the basics: How to Succeed as an Online Facilitator
I read this article back when I first considered teaching online, before the birth of my first child six years ago. It offers valuable insight when considering the change from brick and mortar to online.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dealing with Today

Today ordinary day. Just like all the others, happens to stand in the middle of the week and well, quite frankly...gets in the way of me getting to my weekend.

Got my new Tokina Ultrawide Lens off of Amazon this past weekend. From what I understand, it will be my "prime" lens as it has one focal length: wide. I plan to explore its full potential this weekend when I am home in Florida. Funny, I cannot think of one thing to take photos of. Maybe I will hit the train station. Amazing place to people watch and listen...even smell. Hotdogs, trains and passengers...all with their own unique journey ahead of them.

My weekend is not a weekend of leisure. Endarterectomy. Say that three times fast. I have been doing just that as my father prepares for his second. It is a pretty crazy procedure performed on a clogged artery. It is dangerous, the prognosis is good and it saves lives. Just another reminder that a healthy diet, exercise and happy life are the prescription to prevent my own Endarterectomy.

Decision Making

Are you one of those people who thinks on your feet? Likes the excitement of coming up with an idea on the fly and going for it?

I am. I am proud of it too.

As a high school teacher you have got to be. All of those faces staring at you while you fumble for a word to conclude your lecture...or the kid making a scene in the back and figuring out how to handle it without losing your cool. Characteristics of a teacher.

National Teacher Appreciation day is today. A glorious day indeed as it reminds me that while I may not have all the answers to all the problems in the world, I can use the tools God gave me to do some good in the world. I no longer work in a traditional brick and mortar classroom, I am a "virtual" teacher.

I am part of a growing population of teachers who have become part of the pyramid of learning: student, teacher, parent. The three of us are a team and can conquer any task together. I am a better listener, teacher and all around person because now I truly know my students and how and why they do what they do in the classroom.