Friday, May 27, 2011

Taking time to reflect

Seems there is not enough hours in my day to reflect on what I have done. Instead, I think I find myself worrying about all the stuff left undone! I took a little time to night to play with some shots from the past 5 or so helps me remember that we are accomplishing a pretty well rounded life with a little bit of fun mixed in!

With the exception of the pottery shots, all were taken with my Nikon D90. Of course a few are cropped and tweaked a little bit, thanks to Picasa 3. I have not gotten around to purchase Lightroom, I am still using my free trials of all the Adobe picture software until I make a decision. So far, I like Lightroom 3 the best...easy to use and lots of online "how to" videos.

Enjoy the photos. Remember take time to reflect...